The Avenue Lease Agreement

The site is considered a living document and is constantly updated and modified. Although Avenue Living does everything in its power to ensure that the inside information is correct and reliable, published information, including rental prices and any special offers or incentives, can be changed without notice. avenue living takes NO guarantee or assurance that the information and materials contained on this site are up to date and/or correct and are not part of an obligation, contract or rental. Any reference to commercial or commercial products, processes or services does not constitute or imply approval or recommendation by the living avenue, unless expressly stated. If information about and any other form of website, whether printed, electronic or posted online, is moved by information about has been considered to be the most correct and up-to-date. The information contained in the website regarding the rental of residential units is fully subject to the terms of the lease agreement between Avenue Living and its customers. In case of inconsistency between the information contained in this site and an executed rental, the terms of the rental agreement are given priority. avenue living disclaims any responsibility or responsibility in the event of an error contained on this site. avenue living is not responsible for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions or losses resulting from its confidence in the information posted on this site or obtained by this site. avenue living is also not responsible for damage (direct or indirect) resulting from the use of information contained on this website or obtained via an external website. This site contains the name and marks of the avenue. Nothing on this site should be interpreted in such a way that it grants a license or right to use trademarks without the express written permission of the living avenue. Unauthorized use of this website and/or the materials it contains is prohibited, unless otherwise stated.

All submissions, requests or enquiries are made available to the corresponding business unit within the avenue living group by the companies. This website is made available only for information purposes and made available to you by the avenue living group of companies, their subsidiaries, related companies, successors, members of assignee and third parties. Yes! The avenue has U-Ark accommodation located just 6 minutes from the university`s main campus and amidst the hustle and bustle of the Dickson Street entertainment district.