Sale Agreement Through Power Of Attorney

In 2012, the Supreme Court, when the practice of selling real estate by proxy, maintained as sub: A buyer must pay stamp duty and registration fee on the transaction, while a seller must pay capital gains tax. Also, once a sales statement is registered, the information is public and could be used at any time to detect Benami transactions. To confirm whether the director is alive or not, the claimant must present a life certificate duly certified by the state physician. AND I herebly agree to ratify all the legitimate acts and things done by the lawyer in question by instigating the powers contained in them. The purpose of the reRA order was to protect the interests of buyers and to create transparency in the sale/purchase of real estate. Due to the huge generation of dirty money in the real estate sector and many cases where builders have deceived real estate buyers, the abandonment of RERA has been an essential step. RERA has improved transparency and accountability in real estate and residential transactions. It has stimulated domestic and foreign investment in the real estate sector and strengthened and protected the right of homebuyers. 10.

To credit the net proceeds of the sale if in my bank account with the bank of …………. 9. Pay and pay my lawyer`s fees for the sale of the proceeds of the sale. If the power of attorney is a registered document and the client is marketable for the sale of the property, the registered deed of sale executed by the proxy in favour of the purchaser is valid, provided that the client`s life certificate is presented to the Registrar in accordance with the rules. (ii) subject to the same stamp duty as the obligation to transport the laws on stamps, contracts of sale with default and/or irrevocable powers in favour of non-members who authorize the sale. (i) the amendment of the Registration Act, 1908 by Amendment Act 48 of 2001 with effect to 24.9.2001, which requires documents that have transferred a contract for a fee (sales agreements, etc.) relating to real estate within the meaning of Section 53A of the Act must be registered; and the Supreme Court cited concrete examples to address real-life cases.