Jcea Negotiated Agreement

On October 2, the Jeffco Public Schools Board voted unanimously in favor of a compensation agreement with the Jefferson County Education Association. The terms of the agreement were… Prior to the Board of Directors vote, JCEA voted in favour of ratifying the agreement. Brooke Williams, president of the JCEA, said that while the agreement had made some concrete improvements, including through language changes, Jeffco`s educators had made significant sacrifices again this year. Finally, our remuneration agreement for 2019-2020: the remuneration agreement gives educators a salary of 3%, which they receive in two tranches of 1.5%. The money for payments comes from the single money in the district reserves. In addition to compensation, this year`s agreement included the development of a health benefits bank, which can provide additional support to educators in times of health crisis, language changes related to maladministration, class size and teacher allocation, summer student pay rates, performance coverage and student discipline. It also allows the movement of wages for those who are allowed on the basis of education. We work all year and we are proud of the collective work we have done to achieve our 6-year contract! We have a major compensation agreement for 2019-20 and we can get additional funding, depending on the ratification of the agreement by the members of the JCEA (teachers` union). Here are the details: In a press release, Acting Superintendent Kristopher Schuh said the district was pleased to have reached an agreement with JCEA after long rounds of negotiations.

In the union`s last collective bargaining with the district on August 5, the two sides did not reach a final agreement, but made a final offer to the other party, which they were to consider in preparation for the next round of negotiations. Here is the collective agreement, including the compensation contract. The final draft agreement contains updated compensation plans that are being finalized. On May 30, 2019, we reached a preliminary agreement with the District regarding our JESPA negotiation agreement. JESPA members voted on the TA on 4 June and successfully ratified the agreement. Jeffco`s Board of Directors of Education also approved the agreement. Our members ratified the agreement on June 4, 2019. It will come into effect on September 1. In response, the borough made its offer and said it was ready to return to the negotiating table at a later date, but only for an increase or reduction of the $10 million envelope, not for the $5 million requested by teachers. The borough has accepted a 1% increase for educators; agreed to increase, but no step increases; and asked all teachers to take a day without work, but with pay. The pay increases are now in effect and are posted on your September paycheck. We are the only organization that defends and negotiates for teaching professionals in Jeffco.

Support our work and join us if you are not a member! Thank you to each member for your participation and commitment throughout this process. There is strength in unity! She also said that members have made the difficult decision to accept the agreement, which has a long-term impact on their pay, as they face the most difficult working conditions they have ever seen. In his written statement, Williams noted that Jeffco currently ranks fifth in the average salary of educators among surrounding districts and that Colorado, as a state, ranks last in the nation in terms of wage competitiveness (compared to what they could do in other sectors with a similar level of education).