Fm Framework Agreement

Hard Facilities Management Framework The management framework for hard facilities facilities has been put in place to provide hospitals, family doctors` offices, schools and local authorities – and all other public bodies – with a quick, simple and legal way to bring hard FM service lines to market. It includes 85 different suppliers in 45 different lots, covering everything from building management systems to moving services; Fire protection equipment and training electronic equipment and electrical components for the maintenance of catering equipment. As with any NHS SBS-managed executive, it was created through a robust procurement process that included financial audits and quality assurance evaluation. For many public sector organisations across the country that will use it, the contractual basis ojEU (Official Journal of the European Union) to be negotiated is essential. This gives public sector organisations the confidence that they are not just buying to save time and money, but at the same time ensuring compliance with the UK-One and EU`s complex procurement rules. The Soft FM, Asset Compliance and Security Services framework is a comprehensive framework agreement covering key areas of the management of user facilities for the public sector. The framework is regionalized on all 32 lots and includes a number of SMEs, service specialists and large federal suppliers. This comprehensive framework includes security services that include the supply, installation and maintenance of fire and safety detectors. As part of the compliance of the framework`s assets, PAT tests and asbestos removals are covered. While the soft facility management service includes cleaning service and garden maintenance. Under this framework agreement, you can also access a full set of facilities management services including facility management, asset compliance and security services. The management framework for hard facilities facilities provides a compliant pathway for access to a full range of products and services for the management of hard facilities facilities.

This Hard FM covers a wide range of real estate and maintenance specialties. This includes, but is not limited to: painting and decoration; Management systems for kitchen and sanitation techniques and buildings. This Facility Management Framework offers flexible options to meet your needs. from the provision of a single service to the option of a fully managed service solution, to a bundled service delivery. You`ll find other framework agreements in our Framework Agreements Portfolio [570KB] Who can benefit from them? The framework agreement is freely available to all public sector organisations in the UK To ensure that buyers have access to the right suppliers, the agreement includes a lot divided into 3 subcategory lots. Each subset is determined by the total value of the order: it also means that executive users have the flexibility to purchase directly from a listed supplier or to launch mini-tenders according to their individual requirements, while there is even the possibility of a fully managed service in which a provider is allocated for the delivery of all services under the framework agreement. Elsewhere, measured futures contracts can also be entered into for the maintenance of buildings, electricity, mechanics, painting and decoration. Meanwhile, a good mix of large national and regional SMEs ensures that it is responsive to local needs.

Within each lot, there is also a wide range of specialized services. For example, when an NHS trust moves to a new hospital site, providers who provide “remote” services can offer assistance with the removal of office furniture and equipment, the transportation of expensive and cumbersome medical equipment, potential storage problems, and the entire management of the project around such a stage.