Cancelled Billing Agreement Ebay

Anyway, the repetitions of the investigation PayPal it was my atuomatic billing agreement with ebay Inc. to cancel the shipment, even though I tried to conclude the investigation. I have to PayPal accounts. I tried to make all the payments from my new account. I receive payments from buyers on my 2nd PayPal and my original PayPal was to deduct shipping costs. I tried to take the sending of my original account and disabled it on PayPal. Now, if I try to buy shipping labels, I get a message “You can`t print a shipping label for that order because the billing agreement has been cancelled. Please try again.:. “Hello Delaney Perkins , This email confirms that you have terminated your billing contract with eBay Inc. No further payments will be made from your account PayPal to this merchant. If you have any further questions about the agreement or would like to take them back, please contact eBay Inc directly.

With kind greetings, PayPal” If eBay debits your PayPal account, PayPal will always try to withdraw money from your PayPal balance first. If the funds in your balance are not sufficient, PayPal to search and try to calculate a preferred source of financing that you have created for this billing agreement. If the preferred source of funding fails (for example. B a credit card expires), PayPal will use other sources of financing available in your PayPal account. You have the option to disable the sources of financing for the use of this billing agreement, except that if you have linked one or more credit or debit cards to your PayPal account, at least one of these cards must be activated for billing. I only sell on for the most part and I haven`t sold anything on Ebay for years. Talking to PayPal is useless because they are ignorant and I think I have to go through ebay anyway to set up the shipping settlement contract, but again, I don`t find that link. I think if you simply re-enter your PayPal address as an automatic payment method for your sales costs, the broadcast agreement will be recreated. I contacted PayPal about it, but they said I should contact ebay, but I can`t call them and there is no other way to contact ebay online.

I haven`t even used my PayPal in months. Does anyone know how to solve this? I can`t find anywhere to reactivate this via a link on ebay to restore the ebay Billing Contract Inc. How can I activate my 2nd PayPal account to print shipping labels, because I disabled it from the other? I can`t find anything, even tried to link my account PayPal again with ebay and shipping is still not there. I think I may need a new billing agreement, but I don`t know how to do it on ebay. I accidentally made two boat tags by last month, and after opening an investigation with PayPal to cancel one on PayPal, I later realized that I had to cancel it on myself to get my money back, which I did.